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How To Remove Makeup Naturally

If you’re looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle and take better care of your skin, you may wonder how you can remove makeup naturally. In this guide, we’re showing you how to do exactly that. No alcohol, perfume, parabens or unnatural nasties in sight.

You may think that you have to spend hours creating your own makeup remover. However, luckily there are brands out there that have done all the hard work for you. At Organic Apoteke we’ve created an organic, natural makeup remover that is tough on makeup, but gentle on your skin. It’s a winning combination!

In this guide, we’re showing you the simple steps to remove makeup the natural way – with our organic facial cleanser.

How To Remove Makeup With Natural Ingredients

Step 1: With clean hands, gently massage the Organic Apoteke Facial Cleanser onto damp skin, working into a mild lather.

Step 2: Let it soak into your skin for a moment, and enjoy the calming, nourishing feel.

Step 3: Time to rinse off! Splash your face with cool water. Your skin should feel purified and fresh.

Step 4: For even better results, follow up with the Detox Face Mask, or our Active Face Hydrating Gel for even longer-lasting hydration.

Our organic facial cleanser is gentle enough to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. It’s specially designed to wash away imperfections and makeup while leaving your skin velvety smooth and blemish-free. Plant-based ingredients include softening papaya extract, exfoliating pineapple extract and anti-inflammatory tea tree oil.

Remember to always remove makeup before you go to bed. It gives you a fresh start every morning!

Shop natural makeup remover online at Organic Apoteke today. Naturally inspired and scientifically created. We believe that healthy skin is an important part of being your best self – and that’s exactly what our products can give you.