The key principles of Ayurveda

As one of the oldest medical systems on the planet, Ayurveda is a holistic approach that has been taken for centuries both in India where it originates and around the world. The expected and unexpected benefits it unlocks for both physical and mental wellness are renowned for bringing balance to the body, mind and soul.

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Ayurveda uses natural medicines, diet, exercise (yoga is actually the sister science of Ayurveda), massage and lifestyle changes to work with each individual’s dosha, a body type or energy that controls how the wider system works. By harmonising your body and mind with your dosha (or your mix of doshas), you’ll be able to naturally exist in your body and discover some fantastic benefits.

Here we take a closer look at these doshas – vata, pitta and kapha – to help you discover the key principles of Ayurveda and enhance your life like never before.


Those with a vata dosha tend to be flexible, energetic, creative and free-flowing in spirit. Vata is linked closely to air and space, which makes bodily movements such as breathing, muscle contraction and heart function predominant focuses of people who are vata dominant.

The vata dosha doesn’t come without its problems. Those who are classed as vata tend to suffer from dry skin, often feel cold and tend to be slender. Personality wise, vatas are moody and impulsive yet very enthusiastic. Imbalances in the vata dosha however can cause digestive problems, fear and anxiety.

But with the right diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, vata types can turn these negatives into positives. Problem solving, quick thinking, and an energetic, creative and inspirational personality are just some of the positives that can be gleaned with Ayurvedic intervention.

Here Mind Body Green reveals more about how balance can be brought to vata types:

“Anything that brings stability and grounding will be helpful when vata energy takes over. Maybe it’s being more rigid about your morning and nighttime routines, practicing a grounding meditation with your feet in the earth, or setting limits on your use of technology… Root vegetables, warm, creamy drinks, and a variety of meats can also be nourishing and grounding. Staying well-hydrated is also important since this dosha tends to skew toward dryness.”


Those with a pitta dosha tend to be busy, high achieving yet hot-headed and impatient. They are often of medium build but are prone to acne, anger, burnout, skin irritation and overindulgence without the right balance.

When balanced, pitta types can lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy great digestion. This will benefit all areas of life, from immunity to their work ethics.

With its links to two opposite elements – fire and water – pitta doshas can be difficult to balance. Cooling activities, including cold showers and exercising in or next to water, are recommended in Ayurveda for pitta-prone individuals. So too is slowing down busy schedules, and dedicating time to being more care-free and spontaneous.

The same cooling theme applies to the diet of pitta types. Swap spicy and hot foods with cooling varieties such as grains, fruit and coconut water.


The kapha dosha is linked to earth and water, and has a protective element that holds the vital structure and functions of the entire body in place. Unbalanced kaphas are susceptible to weight gain, bloating, asthma, allergies and depression.

By balancing your kapha dosha with self-care, mindfulness, lots of exercise, mental stimulation and a fresh, natural diet that cuts out the carbs and oil, kapha types can be transformed.

When balanced, kaphas have great stamina, good sleep habits and regular digestion, all of which contribute to great skin and hair health.

What dosha are you?

Ready to discover which dosha you are? Take our Dosha Quiz to reveal your Ayurveda energy and exactly how to balance it.

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