Lean Jan Detox Plan Based on Ancient, Secret Rejuvenating Practice

Kaya kalpa is an ancient system of body rejuvenation developed and practiced in Ancient India. These practices were designed to delay the ageing process.

Derived from Sanskrit, kaya means “body” and kalpa means “transformation.” The understanding is that kaya kalpa practices remove all impurities and toxins from deep within cells and body tissues. It is these toxins or metabolites which cause physical degeneration. By removing these – the degenerative process that underlie ageing is slowed down or arrested.

Over the last 3 centuries, kaya kalpa was only accessible to a limited number of people. Its secret practices were closely guarded by the siddhas (siddhas are individuals who had developed special or supernormal abilities). They shared these secrets only with people who were deemed worthy such as rishis (wise men) and brave, royal warriors whose purpose in life was to achieve good for all of mankind.

Kaya kalpa includes a range of therapies, breathing practices, special physical routines, diet, lifestyle guidelines and constitutional assessments.

Often in traditional kaya kalpa, when diet and lifestyle was poor, the individual had to spend about 90 days in a dark, sealed hut, where the body was “detoxified” using strict diet, skin preparations, medicinal plants and exercise routines.

In our Lean Jan Detox Plan, we have condensed this severe practice into a 21 day program. In January, in the northern hemisphere we spend most of our time indoors, with limited exposure to sunlight – hence these circumstances make this period suitable for kaya kalpa.

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