Organic Apoteke Improves Microcirculation & Slows Down Visible Signs of Ageing.

Improving Microcirculation

You said you wanted younger looking skin!

Use it or loose it! That’s what happens to the tiny capillaries in the skin as we mature, they get sluggish and lazy. In early 2000’s new imaging technology made it possible for scientists and doctors to detect the tiny capillaries found in the living epidermis of the skin. Studies show that in babies these structures are more numerous and efficient, diminishing in number and efficiency with age.

Stimulating circulation in these tiny capillaries improves their efficiency and enables them to perform the valuable task of delivering oxygen and nutrients found within the bloodstream to the skin cells. This improved circulation also helps in carrying away cellular waste – detoxifying and clarifying the skin.

Organic Apoteke products are designed to stimulate and those capillaries, enabling them to perform better. The effects of improved capillary perfusion  is that you capture that youthful glow!

Prevent and reverse premature aging and enhance cellular detoxification with: