Spring Clean Your Skin

Winters’ cold weather and central heating leaves our skin looking and feeling dull, dehydrated and congested. Not good for this time of year. With the warmer weather, off goes the sweaters putting your skin on show.

Its time to let Spring in and reclaim your skins’ glow!

What’s the best way to Spring Clean Your Skin?

With a skin detox of course!

The ideal products for this time of year – detoxify, decongest and heal the skin.

Look for products that are organic and alcohol free and contain the following ingredients:

Dead Sea Mud – decongests pores while infusing skin with essential minerals that encourages healing and radiance. Its like taking a dip in the Dead Sea.

Enzymatic exfoliants – like papaya and pineapple. Be wary of products that contain abrasive particles to exfoliate the skin. These particles can damage the surface skin layers by causing little cuts on the surface opening you up for bacterial infection and moisture loss. Plant and fruit enzyme work by breaking down dead cells – hence they exfoliate skin without damaging the surface protective layers.

Amino acids – help stimulate skin function and are the essential building blocks of skin cells. Use organic products as they contain naturally occurring amino acid.

This Deeply Purifying & Anti-pollution Mask contains Pineapple and Papaya enzymes that gently removes the dehydrated winter skin, Dead Sea Mud that  deeply purifying pores and Amino acids that heal and stimulate circulation to get your skin glowing. See results from the first use. This multifunctional mask also prevents blackheads and comedones – so it helps maintain clear, radiant skin throughout the summer heat & humidity.

How do you maintain that Spring Glow throughout the Summer?

Cleanse and Moisturise with the best products for your skin.

Use a cleanser that is gentle but deep acting. Cleansers containing Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or other harsh surfactants can damage the skins protective barrier. Avoid these. Use a cleanser that is natural or plant based but designed to remove impurities without stripping your skin of its natural protection.

Moisturise – ensure your moisturiser feels light and disappears into the skin. Anything that sits on the surface of the skin is not getting moisture and healing ingredients into the deeper layers and may aggravate congestion and spots. Look for gel-like moisturisers that are free of Cetearyl Alcohol – this heavy fatty alcohol sits on the surface of the skin – and may cause breakouts as it congests pores.

This Complete Skincare Routine contains Detox Face Mask, Active Face Cleanse Gel, Active Face Hydrating Gel. All you need to let your skin glow this Spring & Summer.

Active Face Cleanse Gel – is a natural gel cleanser, that gently foams to cleanse without stripping skin. Its SLS-free and infused with Lemon and herbs to cleanse and heal – leaving skin feeling clear and healthy.

Active Face Hydrating Gel – this light yet deeply hydrating moisturiser – heals your skin and balances oil production. It keeps your skin spot free and naturally glowing.  It is free of heavy fatty acids that congest the skin.

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What our clients Say?


I did things a little backward, had mostly clear skin in my teens, but after I turned 22 I struggled with blemishes and redness. This Cleanse & Hydrating Gel’s have done wonders for my skin. Thank you. I am so grateful for my clear complexion… finally blemish free.

Spring Cleaning Skin Foods

Fresh berries are bursting with antioxidants! Whizz a few handfuls into a smoothie for fresh light spring breakfast.  A fab way to kick-start your day.

Beetroot is packed full of vitamin A, potassium, sodium and calcium – these combine to make it an effective inner body cleanser. Slice into a salad or add to your fresh juice blend.

Carrot is rich in beta-carotene, that orange vitamin that give you the glow. Chop it into salad and soup for that fresh spring crunch and vitamin boost.

Fish that is high in Omega-3 such as salmon and mackerel are perfect for hydrating and decreasing inflammation.

Dark chocolate is another powerful antioxidant. With Easter on the horizon this is good news –  just eat darker chocolate. Look for chocolate that is high in cocoa – preferably 80% or higher.