Menopausal acne tips

The dermatologist’s guide to treating menopausal acne

You may have left your teenage years behind, yet your body is set to undergo several more changes throughout your lifetime, each of which can trigger the hormonal imbalances that cause various skincare challenges.

The menopause is one such event that causes hormonal changes. With a recent survey by Nuffield Health revealing menopausal symptoms can last as long as 15 years, the menopause (along with its peri- and post-menopausal stages) can affect every part of your life, including your skin.

The menopause can trigger the onset of menopausal acne. explains more about the science behind menopausal acne:

“The skin contains receptors for both estrogens and androgens (female and male hormones present in both sexes). Hormone receptors are found on skin cells, hair follicle cells, and skin oil gland cells. This ties in with acne because acne begins to develop from an overgrowth of skin cells inside hair follicles and usually is worsened by increased production of skin oil.”

Whatever menopausal acne issues you’re currently facing, just like any menopausal symptoms, there’s no need to suffer in silence. With the right skincare regime, a little help from nature, and the following advice from our dermatologists, you can remedy menopausal acne at home…

Cleanse deeply yet gently

The menopause causes skin sensitivity to increase dramatically, which means standard acne treatments just won’t cut it when treating menopausal acne.

Your skin barrier needs to be cleansed deeply to treat menopausal acne but gently to ensure your super sensitive skin barrier isn’t weakened any further. Steer clear of harsh, invasive acne treatments and instead opt for the natural approach by choosing our Active Face Cleanse Gel.

Specially formulated for sensitive, spot-prone skin, our Active Face Cleanse Gel detoxifies deeply, stimulating the healing and pore refinement needed to reveal a clearer, more youthful complexion.

Its papaya and pineapple extracts will leave your skin glowing. Whilst the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of its tea tree oil remedies acne symptoms the natural way.

Nourish the skin barrier

The menopause affects the skin in many ways. In addition to triggering menopausal acne, the weakened skin barrier can cause extreme dryness and this too can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

By keeping the barrier nourished and hydrated, you can feed your skin the nutrients it needs, relieve dryness and keep itching at bay. Our Active Face Hydrating Gel has been developed with menopausal skincare challenges in mind.

The award-winning face moisturiser hydrates, heals and protects skin, whilst also reducing the oiliness and calming the inflammation that causes acne.

Defend your sensitive menopausal skin

Menopausal skin is particularly vulnerable to environmental factors that can all too often stop our journey to flawless skin in its tracks.

By treating your skin to our Detox Face Mask once or twice a week, you can purify deeply and stimulate the healing that menopausal skin needs in the face of external aggressors like pollution and internal hormonal imbalances.

Using a combination of dead sea mud, pineapple extract and arginine, your skin can be oxygenated, exfoliated, decongested, and rebalanced.

Looking after you during the menopause has never been so simple with our Total Detox Facial bundle. As the ultimate kit for menopausal women, you can discover the 3-step solution to satisfy all your menopausal skincare needs. Cleanse, hydrate, heal and detoxify to reveal spot-free, glowing skin.

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