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10 ways to beautify your skin for summer – and there’s not a makeup brush in sight!

Summer is officially here, and whilst you’re kicking back, relaxing and enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer, your skin needs a little extra help to stay at its most beautiful.

Enjoying glorious, balanced, and healthy skin during summer, however, isn’t as difficult as you think. All it takes is the following 10 steps to beautify your skin for the season ahead – and there’s not a makeup brush in sight!

1. Say goodbye to heavy makeup

The no-makeup look is in! And this means you and your skin can reap all the rewards of going bare-faced. Even going just one month makeup-free can unlock fantastic results, we’ll let NYC based dermatologist Nadia Kihiczak explain more:

“By avoiding application of foundation and blush, the skin is allowed to return to its natural oil balance and hydration. Additionally, without wearing makeup, the typical daily use of toner or over-washing the skin to remove the makeup, which can strip the skin of its natural oil balance, can be minimized further, allowing the skin to recalibrate.”

There’s even better news for people who suffer from regular breakouts. With sebum production unaffected by the use of heavy makeup, natural hydrators take over to make acne flare-ups less likely. 

Makeup brush hygiene (or lack of) will also keep breakout-causing bacteria at bay.

2. Make way for breathable beauty

Going bare-faced doesn’t mean leaving your beauty horde behind completely. By overhauling your product use and swapping out heavier, invasive formulations for more breathable solutions, you can give your skin the chance to look and feel its very best.

Breathable beauty products are must-haves not just in summer but every season to come. Their super lightweight nature not only means comfortable wear but allows your skin to function as it should do.

Breathable formulas don’t block pores. Instead, they nourish, hydrate and support the skin’s natural balance to help you realise a healthier, brighter complexion.

3. Work on your dewy look

Make your skin look even healthier this summer by getting that dewy glow that everyone seems to crave. It may start with good quality, breathable skincare products but it certainly doesn’t end there.

Hydration will give your skin the boost it needs to achieve that coveted dewy look, which is all the more reason to include serum in your day-to-day skincare routine. Our Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum uses all-natural, organic ingredients to increase radiance, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, firm and lift the skin, and reduce ageing dark spots.

Our super serum uses both amino acids and antioxidants to unlock all these perks, as well as repair and strengthen the skin to support healthy regeneration and deep hydration.

4. Choose anti-pollution products

With many people currently negotiating their new normal as we move out of lockdown, resuming the daily commute is back on the agenda for some. But don’t let your skin suffer from exposure to damaging environmental aggressors.

Pollution has a major impact on the skin and wider body, which means antioxidant-rich, anti-pollution products like our Active Face Cleanse Gel, Detox Face Mask and Active Face Hydrating Gel should form a vital part of your beauty ritual.

5. Up your sun protection factor…

It is an obvious step to take during the summer months, but still well worth reiterating. Protecting your skin with a good sun protection factor (SPF) is vital in summer and all year round.

It’ll protect your skin from the damaging, ageing UV rays as well as minimise your chances of developing more serious issues like skin cancer. Sunscreen takes just seconds to apply and, sunburn aside, will save you a world of pain.

6. …and do the same for your scalp

The sensitive skin along your hairline is particularly vulnerable to sun damage. It can however be difficult to achieve optimum protection in this tricky to shield place.

Sunscreen spray is a fantastic investment for protecting the skin around the hairline when the sun is at its most intense during the summer months.

7. Protect other sensitive areas

The skin on your scalp isn’t the only sensitive area that needs extra TLC to stay looking its best and feeling its most comfortable during summer.

Your lips need sunscreen too, and you’ll find smoothing and softening lip balm with SPF 15 or higher to add to your summer skincare regime. Just be sure to reapply throughout the day.

8. Gently buff away skin worries

Exfoliation is the key to beautiful, balanced skin all year round, and becomes especially important during summer. The warmer weather conditions mean you’ll be sweating more, which will leave your skin with excess impurities and oils to deal with.

Give your skin a helping hand by gently exfoliating with our certified organic, thoroughly nourishing Buttermilk Cleanser.

9. Soothe skin – the natural way!

Follow gentle exfoliation with a soothing treatment that hydrates, heals, and smooths the skin to beautify it further.

Our Rejuvenating Face Mask is the ultimate pick me up. It uses pentapeptides, shea nut butter and honey to support the very building blocks of the skin, protect from dehydration, and even skin tone. 

Use it once or twice a week after cleansing and exfoliating with our Buttermilk Cleanser to nourish, fortify and revive tired skin.

10. Hydrate yourself inside and out

Looking after yourself from the inside is just as important as the all-natural products you apply on the outside. Drinking lots of water during summer is the key to ultimate hydration and will leave the skin looking clearer and more supple than ever.

Image: verona studio / Shutterstock.com