Benefits of bare makeup

The no-makeup look: why going bare is more beautiful than ever

Lockdown and the wider Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt changed the way we’ve lived and still live our lives. The increased time we’ve spent at home has put a lot of things into perspective, and it’s even altered our consumer behaviour.

As we move out of lockdown and into our new normal, the old tips, tricks and products we used to rely on no longer seem or feel relevant.

The beauty dynamic has changed. As a nation, we’re embracing natural beauty like never before. We’re seeing more and more no-makeup looks in everyday life and the media, and as an all-natural skincare brand, we’re loving the way things are panning out.

Here we delve deeper into why going bare is more beautiful than ever, and explore whether this monumental shift to slower, more minimalist beauty regimes is here to stay.

Lockdown and the chance to love ourselves

When the pandemic first hit, lockdown and the shutting of salons filled many with dread. As we got used to this new way of living, however, we started to look more at what was and wasn’t so important.

The popularity of self-care rose to staggering heights during this period, and our enforced ‘beauty diet’ meant fantastic things for self-love. As a nation, we invested heavily in beauty basics, and also found solace in products that relaxed and relieved stress. According to the sales figures for CultBeauty, this particular category saw a whopping 317% increase.

As lockdown progressed and our love for self-care soared, habits kept on shifting. Face masks, hair dye and sales of other self-care basics exploded and our independence grew further.

The new normal sees new trends emerging

The self-care revolution saw many of us save money, save time and learn some pretty essential DIY beauty practices. These included rituals that embraced natural beauty and concentrated on nourishing the health of the skin rather than concealing it with makeup. But, with salons now open will it be a case of business as usual?

To answer that question, we look to two trends that have grown immensely popular in recent months – slow beauty and skin minimalism.

Supporting our natural selves

As you can see from our blogroll, we’re pretty big supporters of both slow beauty and skin minimalism. Against the odds, the popularity of these trends is growing as we continue to support our more natural selves.

Slow beauty and skin minimalism encourage us to take a slower approach to beautifying ourselves and our skin. Both rely on the less is more mantra that’s integral to the survival of the planet and the curbing of plastic waste, as well as the health of our skin.

By using fewer but better quality, natural products, we’re supporting skin health like never before, and it’s having fantastic results for our mind, body and soul as Vogue India details:

“Quick fixes and instant results are not sustainable and do not create value for health and well-being. Slowing down through daily self-care rituals can enhance beauty on the inside and out. When we take care of ourselves in deep, meaningful and loving ways, we are better able to care for others and life itself, and experience authentic loving relationships based in trust, intimacy and companionship.”

Slow beauty and skin minimalism allow us to take control of our time and our beauty expectations. We’re embracing natural beauty, self-care, positive body image and overall wellness like never before, and it looks and feels great.

So, say no to the makeup look, cherish yourself at your most natural, and shop slower right here at Organic Apoteke.

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