Could your skincare routine be damaging your skin?

The skin microbiome and the acid mantle provide the first lines of defence when protecting your skin from all the nasties you encounter every single day.

Studies have shown that as well as providing a hardy barrier to protect your skin from bacteria, irritants and toxins, the complex ecosystem of microorganisms that make up the microbiome has a vital part to play in immunity as Nature details:

“Over the past decade, researchers have uncovered evidence of extensive communication between bacteria, skin cells and immune cells.

These interactions help to reinforce and repair the barrier formed by the skin, bolster the body’s defences against infection and tamp down excess inflammation.

Perturbations in this epidermal ecosystem can leave the skin susceptible to immune hypersensitivity disorders, such as eczema and skin allergies, or interfere with healing in people with chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers.”

Pollution and the sun’s harmful UV rays are two other external factors that can wreak havoc on the skin, and impact your wider health and wellbeing.

But could the products you apply to your skin be another troublesome cause of damage?

Here we talk you through the skincare basics that may be doing you, and your skin flora and mantle, more harm than good, and reveal the biome friendly tips that will bring your damaged skin back from the brink.

Traditional soaps are a big biome no-no

As a staple part of many people’s skincare regimes, soap usage is one thing we would advise against if you want to safeguard the defensive microbiome and the pH preserving acid mantle.

Soap may aim to cleanse the skin thoroughly and more specifically remove dirt from the pores. But the heightened pH of most soap or soap containing products can have a profoundly negative effect on the health of your biome and mantle.

With its higher pH, soap alkalinises your skin to damage your microbiome and mantle, which requires a slightly acidic, lower pH to function at its best.

Sanitisers are no good for skin flora either

In the past year or so, the use of sanitisers has exploded for obvious reasons. While these pocket-sized bacteria busters have provided lifelines for many by cutting the risk of Covid-19 transmission, they’re doing nothing for your microbiome and acid mantle.

The anti-microbial properties of hand sanitisers are non-specific, meaning these products don’t discriminate against good or bad bacteria. Both are destroyed by the act of sanitising, which damages your biome.

With the barrier of the skin repeatedly compromised, it’s vulnerable to invasion from pathogens causing irritation, inflammation, cracks, and breakouts.

We’re not saying to leave sanitiser use behind to protect the health of skin flora. Instead, be picky about which sanitiser you use by choosing products specifically designed for sensitive skin or those with moisturising properties.

You should also moisturise your hands after using your sanitiser to keep the biome moist and encourage homeostasis.

Harsh skincare products are the most damaging

Stripping your skin of the microbes that could do it harm and cause breakouts, redness, and inflammation seems to be the theme of many people’s skincare regimes.

This is probably why several bestselling products use harsh chemicals like glycolic and salicylic acid.

Chemical skincare isn’t the way to go if you’re looking to enhance the powerfully protective, skin-nurturing benefits of a flourishing microbiome.

The life forms that make up your biome are particularly delicate, and will easily be destroyed with daily use of the chemicals found in so many skincare products.

Instead of reaching for the acid, choose nature-identical skincare solutions that support the function of your skin’s microbiome and acid mantle.

Our organic skincare products do just that. They gently cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise to restore the pH balance. Something that’s so integral to skin health and create a nurturing environment for the microbiome to thrive. Supporting your skin barrier with the right products will show.

Healthy, glowing complexions and great overall skin health being just some of the benefits of a biome friendly skincare routine.

Show your microbiome some love by shopping our all-natural skincare solutions today.

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