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The golden rules for giving your mature skin some TLC

Everyone ages over time, and as you do, so does your skin. As your skin matures, you’ll see a myriad of changes.

The very anatomy of your skin is experiencing a monumental shift, and the slower metabolism of cells, lower activity of fibroblasts, reduced synthesis of collagen, and depletion of your sweat and oil glands tells a whole different story, as HowStuffWorks details:

“Even if you had perfect skin as a young adult, no one is immune to the changes that skin undergoes as it ages. The first thing you may notice as your skin matures is that it’s no longer as firm as it once was. As you age, your skin loses both collagen, a protein that keeps skin firm, plump and wrinkle-free, and elastin, a protein that gives skin strength and allows it to stretch.”

It’s not all doom and gloom. With pro-ageing a big thing these days, we’re embracing mature skin and the positives of growing older like never before. With age after all comes valuable life experience, which means you’re better placed and better prepared to give your mature skin the TLC it needs to look its very best.

Read on to discover our golden rules to looking fabulous at 30, 40, 50, and beyond.

Start with a gentle cleanser

When it comes to cleansing your mature skin, nice and easy does it. Contrary to popular belief, the cleanser you choose shouldn’t be stripping away your skin. It should gently remove the nasties and nourish your skin deep down without washing away those all-important natural oils.

Leaving harsher, chemical-laden products at the door, and using a gentle, hydrating cleanser to remove oil, dirt and impurities will give your skin the indulgent refreshment it deserves. It’ll also clear out those pores, which become more open and easier to clog as we age.

Our Buttermilk Cleanser is exactly what your mature skin needs. It uses certified organic ingredients to gently exfoliate and resurface even dry and sensitive skin, whilst softening, smoothing and nourishing.

This cleanser is a great choice if you wear makeup too, providing a gentle way to remove products without putting extra strain on the skin.

Rejuvenate with a moisturising duo

One of the top challenges facing individuals with mature skin is dehydration. Without the right hydration, those fine lines and wrinkles will get deeper and become more visible.

Combining a serum and moisturiser provides the utterly intensive treatment that mature skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy all day long.

Our Rejuvenating Face Cream and Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum are a winning combination that’ll bring ageing skin back to its former glory, and they’re both completely organic.

They work deep in the skin to nourish its very building blocks (collagen and elastin) to leave your complexion healthier, firmer, smoother, and more hydrated. This multifunctional combo even works wonders for mature skin that’s experiencing increased sensitivity and redness.

Use SPF all year round

Summer may be upon us but the time for SPF is every time, even if the weather outside isn’t the best! UVA and UVB radiation affect mature skin in so many different ways.

Sun-damaged skin is drier, more wrinkled, more prone to itching (which causes further skin damage), thicker, and easily blemished. Sun exposure also accelerates the ageing process. Research suggests that wearing sunscreen every day can slow the ageing process by 24%!

When choosing an SPF to include in your skincare routine, go for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. You should select a sunscreen that’s suitable for your skin type. A sunscreen that contains B vitamins is a fantastic pick if you have oily skin as it limits sebum production.

Mineral sunscreens are another top choice, particularly if you’re protecting the sensitive skin on your face.

Protect against pollution

Mature skin is particularly vulnerable to the impact of environmental aggressors. By indulging in an anti-pollution treatment once or twice a week, you can give your skin the self-care it needs, and keep the troubling and very real effects of pollution at bay.

Our Detox Face Mask uses dead sea mud, pineapple extract and amino acid arginine to oxygenate the skin, extract toxins and impurities, gently exfoliate, reduce inflammation, and boost elasticity.

With this wonder product, even exposure to pollution on your daily commute won’t stand in the way of beautiful, balanced mature skin.

Image: Rido / Shutterstock.com