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Our guide to living beautifully and ageing gracefully

With changing attitudes towards ageing and the revolutionary, natural skincare solutions available on the market, living beautifully and ageing gracefully is easier than ever.

Living your best life however comes down to a combination of practices and products that give you all you need to nurture your mind, body and soul, whatever age you are.

As we mature, we have the life experience needed to grab every day as it comes. Here are our top tips for living life to the fullest, and looking and feeling fabulous whilst doing it!

Use kindness to develop a skincare routine

As the largest organ of the body, your skin needs lots of tender loving care to stay in peak condition, especially as we face the challenges that go hand-in-hand with growing older. Being kind to your skin as it becomes more delicate and sensitive is the key to staying healthy and enjoy great-looking, radiant mature skin.

Use slow beauty and skin minimalism principles to define a beauty regime that works for your changing complexion. Embrace natural products that are gentle on the skin, as well as multifunctional skincare solutions that work on a multitude of levels and save you precious time.

In addition to cleansing and moisturising your skin with conscious skincare products, supporting the protective role of the skin with daily sunscreen application will serve you well. It’ll also minimise the effects of ageing to keep you looking as youthful and radiant as you feel.

Eat a healthy, balanced and whole diet

As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’, and what you consume matters and certainly shows on the outside – here’s how to eat your way to healthy skin.

Incorporate a rainbow of fruits and vegetables into your diet as well as lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. A few servings of low fat or fat-free dairy is another must, especially as you age, as Dairy UK reveals:

“Just as when we are young, at this age bone health is very important. As well as being good sources of protein, milk, hard cheese and yoghurt are also important sources of calcium, which is important for our bones… milk contains riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2), which has several roles such as helping with normal vision, and vitamin B12 which helps the immune system to function.”

Exercise, move as much as you can!

Partaking in regular exercise is a must at any age. As you age, however, you shouldn’t slow down.

Exercise is vital for keeping your body in good health and free from diseases and conditions that cause short and long term complications. Exercise will also keep you mobile for longer, as well as help you keep other essentials like sleep quantity and quality, bone health, and mood in check.

Remember, any exercise counts, with aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and cycling particularly beneficial and enjoyable as we grow older.

Change your mindset to age well and live even better

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that maintaining your mental and emotional health is just as important as looking after yourself physically.

Use easing lockdown restrictions to your advantage by spending time with those who matter and doing what you love to boost your mood and increase satisfaction.

It can be difficult to face and tackle the challenges of growing older. But with a focus on mental health and a positive attitude towards ageing, you can embrace all the experiences later life offers.

Join us in hailing the pro-age revolution!

The pro-age revolution is transforming how we view ageing for the better. There is, after all, beauty in being older, and it is changing the personal care market in the most magnificent way.

As a nation, there’s less focus on remedying beauty concerns with anti-ageing products that more often than not promise a lot and deliver hardly anything at all! Pro-age enthusiasts are using their skincare regimes to protect and heal the skin, and are looking and feeling better than ever.

As self-confessed pro-agers, we have the skincare solutions to help you live better in your skin. Explore our full range of conscious skincare solutions today.

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