Women holding Organic Apoteke skincare products with forest background

Is Organic Skin Care Better?

Thinking of making the switch to organic skin care products, but not sure of the benefits? The hype suggests that organic is better, but we’re sharing the science behind the skin care so you can be sure you’re choosing the best products.

Organic in the beauty industry means that some or all of the ingredients in a product are from an organic source. They are grown without using artificial substances or chemicals – the natural way.

In the US, ‘organic’ is regulated, meaning you can rest assured that what you’re buying is an authentic product.


Why is organic beauty better?

It’s more environmentally-friendly

Less polluting, better for biodiversity and biodegradable, organic farming helps nurture healthier soil and harnesses traditional, natural methods.

It’s natural

No artificial substances should go into the farming or production of organic products. This means your skin won’t be exposed to any toxins.

Buying ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily mean unnatural ingredients haven’t been added to the product. That’s why you should choose a brand that is both organic AND natural. From the growth of the plants to the end product, with no exposure to unnatural ingredients along the way, you can be confident that you’re using the best skin care.

Organic Apoteke’s range is certified by Ecocert and is 100% free of alcohol, synthetic chemicals and parabens. Our entire product range is also approved by The Vegetarian Society. We never test on animals and choose our suppliers carefully.

In summary

The benefits of organic skin care may look more tailored towards the environment than your skin. However, carefully combine organic with natural, plant-based ingredients and you should be able to get the glowing, healthy skin you’re after. It’s skin care that you can feel good about buying and wearing.

The Organic Apoteke range is certified organic and includes all the bare essentials you need to combat a range of skin problems. Shop Certified Organic Skin care today to find the perfect face serums, cleansers, moisturisers and creams.