Woman laughing with face mask

Why Should You Use Organic Face Masks?

Organic and natural face masks are enriched with nutrients and minerals to help your skin look and feel its best. They’re designed to help replenish moisture and provide a healthy, glowing complexion. In this blog, we’re looking at some of the key ingredients that go into our Organic Hydrating Face Mask and why your skin needs them.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing organic skin care.

For starters, it’s better for the environment. No artificial substances should go into the farming or production of organic products. This also means your skin won’t be exposed to any toxins.

That being said, not all organic products are the same, and buying organic doesn’t guarantee that your skin care is 100% natural. That’s why we recommend pairing organic with natural, plant-based ingredients. We deliver exactly that at Organic Apoteke!

Benefits of going natural

It’s kinder to your skin! No perfume, alcohol or unnatural nasties. Simply pure natural goodness. It’s a great way to create that natural, dewy look and give you the confidence to wear less makeup.

Let’s look at the wonder ingredients

Face masks help to lock in the moisture and nutrients in the skin. They allow ingredients to penetrate more easily into your skin in a shorter amount of time.

Amino Acids: Enhance microcirculation, boost collagen, build elastin

Shea Nut Butter: Evens skin tone, protects against dehydration, high in essential fatty acids

Honey: Protects against dehydration, soothes skin, antibacterial and healing

For best results, apply a thick layer onto the face and neck after cleansing with our Organic Buttermilk Cleanser. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. You should feel refreshed and ready to face the world.

Combined, all of these ingredients should give your skin a healthy boost, soothing, healing, hydrating and firming your skin – all in one product!

Shop organic face masks online at Organic Apoteke today. Our products are organic and our entire skin care range is 100% free of alcohol, synthetic chemicals and parabens.