Organic Apoteke – Marie Kondo’s Top Two Tips

Detoxing and decluttering have been one of the trendiest movements over the last few years. And Marie Kondo is one of the guru’s behind these movements. Here are her top two tips. 

  1. Keep Only What Brings You JoyIf you want to declutter your life, you need to really think about the things you are throwing away. Don’t throw away randomly, instead hold each item in your hand and think about its meaning to you.Kondo says, pick up each item as if you were in your favourite store. And ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?”

    If it does not – it has to go.

  1. Treat Your Possessions Like PeopleThis one may seem strange to start with, but it is sure to bring joy to your life in the long run.Kondo recommends an ongoing ‘dialogue’ with your things. She says, ‘We often hear about athletes who take loving care of their sports gear, treating them almost as if they were sacred…”

    To live joyfully – all our possessions should be
    sacred. Treating your things in this manner, enables you to be grateful for what you have and to care for the things that matter.

Declutter Your Skin Care

How many products have been sitting on your bathroom shelf unused for months? How many of these products are out of date?

Let go of the beauty products you don’t need.

Simplify your beauty routine.

Keep only the products that you love,

Keep only the products that work,

Keep only the products that make you feel wonderful.

Detox Your Home, Detox Your Skin.