Organic Apoteke – The Magic Droplet

Any product that sits on the surface of the skin does very little for the deeper layers of the skin. It is in these deeper layers that skin health is maintained long term. By keeping skin cells healthy, they not only function better but look more beautiful too. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. The results you are looking for in your skin care products lies in Organic Apoteke’s magic droplet… It makes it possible for nutrients to reach the deeper, living layers of the skin.

Here is how it works
The outermost layer of the skin prevents:

  • Moisture loss, and
  • Bacteria and environmental toxin infection

It does this in two ways:

  • Acts as a physical barrier- skin cells are very tightly packed together.
  • Acts as a cellular barrier – Each skin cell has a membrane that prevents substances from passing though the cell.

Our micro emulsion technology can penetrate to the deepest layes of the skin by working with the cellular membrane. This micro emulsion technology enables each drop to unfurl layer by layer, nourishing all the layers of the skin.  This ensures that:

The result is healthier, more beautiful skin!