Self Facial for Acne

If your skin is oily and you have acne that is more visible during this lockdown – then you may need to need this self facial.  We recommend you give yourself this self facial weekly to heal acne and keep skin glowing.

What is needed:

For the facial steam

  1. A bowl – 20 cm diameter
  2. Fresh or dried herb – rosemary, thyme, mint, lavender, slice of lemon…
  3. A small clean bamboo towel.
  4. Freshly boiled water.

The Products

The following products: Active Face Cleanse Gel, Rejuvenating Eye Cream, Detox Face Mask, Active Face Hydrating Gel

Acne Healing Self-Facial Step-By-Step

This basic self facial is simple to perform, yet so effective.


Freshly boiled water.

Put herbs into your bowl.

Keep your towel ready.

Facial Steps

Massage your face and neck with Active Face Cleanse Gel mixed with a small amount of water using small circular motions. Work across entire face to create a gentle lather. Pay careful attention to your problem areas and also the oilier parts of your face. Rinse your face to remove cleanser. Pat skin dry

Pour your freshly boiled water in the bowl. Place your face about 20cm over the steam that emits from the bowl.  Cover your head with towel so it falls over side of bowl – this is just to ensure that you keep steam on your face. Steam your face for about 3 minutes.

Rinse your face with cold water. Gently towel off any water on the skin

Apply eye cream around the eye area.

Then perform the Facial Massage using Detox Face Mask.

Apply a walnut-sized amount of Detox Face Mask  (about 3 g or 2.5 cm in diameter), over the face and neck area avoiding the eyes. Follow the steps below for the face massage.

Self Facial Massage
Self Love Facial Massage

Facial Massage Steps

Starting at the neck and working up the face – follow the direction of the arrows on the above image. Repeat each massage stroke over each area at least 3 times.

When massage is done. Leave mask on your face and relax for 20 minutes. We suggest laying down and listening to some beautiful relaxing music.

Then rinse off mask. Pat skin dry.

Reapply the Rejuvenating Eye Cream around the eye area.

Apply Active Face Hydrating Gel onto the entire face and neck using the same strokes that you used in the massage above.

Benefits of the Self-Love Face Massage

The benefits of the Self-Love Face massage technique are endless. You get a natural skin lift, toned facial muscles, better blood flow, healthier blood vessels and clearer glowing skin.

Around thirty muscles are linked together beneath the skin of the face and head.

Muscle stress caused by expansions and contractions of everyday actions like eating, smiling, or frowning can zap your energy and lead to an accumulation of toxins.

This massage technique revitalises the muscles and stimulates lymphatics to drain away all toxins. The Detox Face Mask deeply purifies and detoxifies skin to balance oiliness and prevent breakoutsSel