Nighttime skincare tips straight from the experts

Creating a regular wind-down routine that’s in tune with you goes hand-in-hand with a deeper, more satisfying sleep. As such, setting aside an hour or two to complete wind-down activities should be a priority for everyone.

A good wind-down routine full of relaxing, enjoyable but not too stimulating tasks prepares the body and mind for the best night’s sleep every night.

Taking a bath, meditating, avoiding blue light, reading a book, listening to calming music, and enjoying a cup of our caffeine-free Nourishing Night Tea should all rank highly in your list of wind-down priorities. But where does skincare fit in?

The relaxing, repetitive nature of undertaking your nighttime skincare routine can be great to help you wind down. Here we reveal our Founder Dr Nitasha Buldeo’s nighttime skincare tips to help you prepare for sleep and enjoy fabulous looking skin from the minute you wake up.

Cleanse gently and deeply

Cleansing should be the first step of any nighttime skincare routine. Cleansing based on your skin type is particularly important, but come night time your skin will need a little extra help to wash the impurities and toxins of the day away.

Throughout the day, your skin faces a long list of challenges. The pollution you encounter on your daily commute alone is enough to disrupt skin function and harm your complexion.

Dr Emma Wedgeworth, Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, explains more about how air pollution affects the skin:

“Skin ageing has been a big focus because pollution produces several highly reactive molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress to our skin, which accelerates the breakdown of our collagen, so producing wrinkling.

It is also thought to cause more pigmentary signs of ageing. Some studies have also linked pollution to other skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis (eczema).”

Along with pollutants, the body itself pushes out toxins that metabolise through the skin. With this in mind, your night time cleanser has to be deep acting, yet gentle enough to ensure it doesn’t strip the skin of its acid mantle. The acid mantle protects the skin, prevents ageing and dehydration, and keeps conditions like eczema and psoriasis under control.

Our Buttermilk Cleanser is a great option for those looking for a nourishing, soothing and deeply cleansing product. The lactic acid this cream-based cleanser contains is kind to skin and cleans deeply whilst using its fats and proteins to hydrate and nourish.

Repair and rebuild with serum

Serums are an excellent choice for night time. Their multi-action formulation ensures you can cover all bases to rebuild cells, soothe, nourish, and tone.

If you’re concerned about ageing, our Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum can be applied directly to the face and neck. With regular use, it could help to minimise the fine lines, wrinkles, lost tone, sagging, and moisture loss that leaves skin looking lacklustre.

If you have relatively healthy skin that doesn’t need an anti-ageing boost, use your serum in smaller quantities. Simply add a few drops of serum to your moisturiser before applying to the face and neck.

Treat that delicate eye area

If sleep is evading you, the effects of those disturbed nights can often be written on your face due to the presence of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. You don’t have to take eye bags lying down.

As well as increasing the amount of sleep you’re getting, our Rejuvenating Eye Cream is the perfect addition to your night time skincare regime. This organic, triple-action formula uses antioxidants and regenerative oils to hydrate and treat the delicate under-eye area to help lighten dark circles, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Shop our full skincare range to build your own soothing and nourishing night time regime.