Organic Apoteke : The Importance of Alcohol Free Skin Care

The skin is that largest organ in the body and it serves three very important functions.

1. It protects the internal organs by preventing toxins from entering the body.

2. It enables the body to eliminate waste. Excess salt, fluid and toxic chemicals like urea can be pushed out of the body via the skin.

3. It is an organ of perception, sending information directly to the brain. Your skin is  the largest organ of perception. It contains temperature, pressure and chemical receptors that play an important role in your experience of the world and your safety in it.

Alcohol disturbs the skin’s natural protective mechanism in the following ways.

1. It erodes the skins acid mantle, the slightly acid surface of the skin protects us from bacterial and fungal infections.

2. Alcohol dehydrates skin cells – leading to accelerated trans-epidermal water loss – resulting in dull, dry skin but this also allows particles that may not have been able to penetrate the skin to get in. It is for this reason that alcohol makes the skin more sensitive. A recent study suggests that a large number of individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity are actually allergic to alcohol, which compromises the skin’s integrity and exposes the deeper layers of the skin to environmental toxins.

3. Alcohol causes uneven complexion as it stimulates melanocytes which leads to hyperpigmentation and increased age spots.

All Organic Apoteke products are alcohol-free.