Breast Cancer Awareness: Know Your Cosmetic Ingredients

Breast Cancer Awareness

Increasing research is hoping to identify artificial skincare ingredients that could be linked to the likelihood of developing breast cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer and 23% of cases are preventable. In this guide, we’re highlighting ingredients that could increase your chances of developing breast cancer….

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The Dangers of Phenoxyethanol

Dangers of Phenoxethanoll

Phenoxyethanol is found in many natural skin care products but not many understand the dangers of phenoxyethanol.  It is increasingly turning up in cosmetic products, many of which are labelled natural or organic. Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative that extends the shelf life of cosmetic products. It is the popular alternative to parabens. The…

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Organic Apoteke : The Importance of Alcohol Free Skin Care

The skin is that largest organ in the body and it serves three very important functions. 1. It protects the internal organs by preventing toxins from entering the body. 2. It enables the body to eliminate waste. Excess salt, fluid and toxic chemicals like urea can be pushed out of the body via the skin. 3. It is an organ of…

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Organic Apoteke: Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

When choosing an organic face cream or skincare product it is important to be aware of the ingredients within the product. Please look at labels carefully. Below is a list of ingredients that should be avoided. Organic Apoteke products do not contain any of these ingredients. Alcohol denat. (denatured alcohol): petrochemical by product. May cause contact dermatitis & chemical…

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