Skin Changes During Pregnancy

skin changes during pregnancy. beautiful pregnant women holding her belly

Many skin changes occur during pregnancy. We share what skin changes to expect during pregnancy and how you can prevent long term skin damage. When do skin changes during pregnancy start? Many women experience a number of skin changes during pregnancy. These include rashes or hives, redness, acne, discolorations and other breakouts. This frequently begins…

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The acid mantle: Your skin’s first line of defence

Acid Mantle is important for your skins barrier function

The acid mantle is your skins first line of defence. The skin is made up of three layers. Each layer works to protect our body from microbes and the environmental pollutants, regulate your body’s core temperature, and facilitate those all-important sensations of heat, cold, and touch. But the science behind your skin’s sensory power doesn’t…

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15 Ways to Delay Ageing

Delay Ageing

The fountain of youth may be a myth, but it is a fact that the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent or even reverse ageing. Your skin requires the correct nutrients to fight off damage. These nutrients help the cells replicate and heal. On the contrary, processed foods, stress, toxins and…

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The Dangers of Phenoxyethanol

Dangers of Phenoxethanoll

Phenoxyethanol is found in many natural skin care products but not many understand the dangers of phenoxyethanol.  It is increasingly turning up in cosmetic products, many of which are labelled natural or organic. Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative that extends the shelf life of cosmetic products. It is the popular alternative to parabens. The…

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