Delay Ageing

15 Ways to Delay Ageing

The fountain of youth may be a myth, but it is a fact that the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent or even reverse ageing. Your skin requires the correct nutrients to fight off damage. These nutrients help the cells replicate and heal.

On the contrary, processed foods, stress, toxins and low-nutrient diets will accelerate aging.

Protecting yourself from harmful chemicals while getting enough sleep, relaxation and exercise will all help you maintain a healthy glow.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Even with a small amount of dehydration, your body functions in a less optimal way. The instant you’re dehydrated, it will take a toll on your skin, causing it to look dull, flaky, saggy and loose.

  1. Eat foods rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight disease and aging by reducing damage and inflammation. Inflammation is a leading cause of wrinkle formation. Eating antioxidant rich foods, help fight wrinkles. Some of the best sources of antioxidants include:

  • Blueberries
  • Pomegranates
  • Acai berries
  • Goji berries
  • Spinach
  • Raspberries
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Purple grapes
  • Dark chocolate (70% or higher of cocoa content)
  • Organic green tea
  1. Have a rainbow-colored plate of food.

Free radicals form in our bodies and cause major damage to our cell structures. The nutrient-rich foods that we eat neutralize these free radicals. To fight off the different kinds of free radicals, you need to consume the widest variety of antioxidants you can.

A simple way to include a variety of antioxidants is to think about the colours of fruit and veg that you have ate. What colours are you missing?

  1. Eat organic foods.

Organic foods are free of pesticides and toxins that cause skin aging.

  1. Limit your sun exposure.

We need small periods of sun exposure daily to ensure we have sufficient Vitamin D. However excessive sun bathing will damage your skin. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses and use a natural zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreen.

  1. Use only natural and organic skin products.

Many skincare products contain harsh chemicals. Always research the ingredients in your skincare products  to confirm that they’re safe. Organic Apoteke products are natural, organic, pure and safe to use. But most importantly – they work. We have a simple range of products suitable for most skin types and needs.

  1. Use non-toxic household cleaning products.

It is important that you limit exposure to toxic chemicals because the skin absorbs them. Be wary of dishwashing, laundry, kitchen and bathroom cleaning products. Use environmentally friendly products as these are safe not just on you but the environment too.

  1. Keep Indoor Plants.

Due to the multiple devices and chemical products used to build and within our homes, indoor pollution levels can be even higher than outdoor. Plant sin your home or by your desk at work act as air filters, keeping the air in your room clean.

These are the 8 best air-filter plants for your home.

  1. Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) …
  2. Aloe Vera (Aloe vera or A. barbadensis) …
  3. English ivy (Hedera helix) …
  4. Flamingo Lily/Fleur (Anthurium andraeanum) …
  5. Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa) …
  6. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) …
  7. Kimberly Queen Ferns (Nephrolepis obliterata) …
  8. Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)
  1. Get enough Vitamin C.

Researchers have found that skin exposed to vitamin C for long periods of time can produce up to eight times more collagen. A diet rich in Vitamin C leads to fewer wrinkles.

  10. Avoid sugar.

Sugar is a major cause of inflammation. It also encourages the growth of harmful microbes like candida. And it also leads to damage of collagen and elastin, which cause wrinkles. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, by not adding any to your food. Eat sweet vegetable, like carrot and sweet potato, instead to satiate your sweet cravings.

  1. Eat healthy fats.

When you eat healthy fats, you reduce your cravings for unhealthy fats. Therefor include foods such as avocados, olive oil, flax seeds, nuts and fish into your diet. The fatty acids are also potent antioxidants and crucial for building your skins natural lipids (fats) that act as a protective barrier.

  1. Cleanse your body.

A build up of toxins in the body due to polluted air, water and food causes damage to the body as well as aging. Detoxing by way of a Gut Cleanse is recommended.  This is wonderful for eliminating toxins. Having a glass of water with squeezed lemon first thing in the mornings is also very cleansing.

  1. Engage in activities that relieve stress.

High levels of stress has a detrimental effect on your skin. Consider regular yoga or meditation classes. Eliminate people and activities from your life that increase stress levels. Find a group of friends whom you could confide in and talk to them freely. This is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress.

  1. Sleep.

Your skin only rejuvenates and repairs itself while you are in deep sleep. It is not enough that you get sufficient sleep but you need to encourage your body to go into deep sleep. Its actually quality of sleep that matters more than quantity of sleep. To encourage deep sleep, remove all devices and phones from your bedroom. Turn off electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime. Use soothing aroma therapy oils in a diffuser in your bedroom. Practice relaxing yoga like the I-Yoga Moon Salutations before bed.

  1. Exercise.

Exercise daily. Just a 30-minute walk will do. Exercise increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients though the and releases toxins through sweat. This leads to clearer, firmer skin. However over-exercising may increase oxidative stress, which speeds up the aging process. Listen to your body, just exercise to the level that feels good for you. And include Yoga which has been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, detox the body and create long, lean, strong muscles.

And always remember to smile. Smiling forces us to use most of the muscles of our face. It’s the best facial exercise.