How to look after sensitive skin

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Having sensitive skin can present some challenges, it can mean that your skin can flare up because of some ingredients in skincare products and make-up. Skin sensitivity can be a real nightmare, causing dry skin, redness and irritations. Learn more below. What Causes Sensitive Skin? Your skin has a natural protective barrier that is there to keep…

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How to Care for Sensitive Skin

Your skin is the largest organic of the body with the important tasks of protecting the inner organs and eliminating toxins from within. On a regular basis the skin performs an intricate balancing act. It protects us against environmental pollutants, while regulating internal moisture levels. These functions are controlled by the skin’s outermost layer, or…

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Organic Apoteke : The Importance of Alcohol Free Skin Care

The skin is that largest organ in the body and it serves three very important functions. 1. It protects the internal organs by preventing toxins from entering the body. 2. It enables the body to eliminate waste. Excess salt, fluid and toxic chemicals like urea can be pushed out of the body via the skin. 3. It is an organ of…

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