Self Facial Massage

Self-Love Face Massage For Glowing Skin Anti Aging

Experience the effects of a spa treatment from the comfort of your own home with a beauty essential for glowing skin, the Self-Love Facial Massage. By performing this massage with the Rejuvenating Face Mask, you make it a powerful anti aging treatment.

A regular skincare routine with gentle massage has been proven to improve the following:

  • improved tone and glow to skin
  • complexion
  • refine skin texture
  • purge the skin of excess impurities.
  • stress
  • lymphatic drainage
  • anti-aging

Such benefits can only be attained, however, if the massage is performed in a certain way.

Be sure to follow Organic Apoteke’s step-by-step guide below to get the most out of your facial massage.

Basic Self Facial Massage Techniques

  1. Go with the Flow — Massage Motion

A perfect facial massage should be conducted in harmony with the natural flow of the muscles.

Understanding your muscles with your movements improve the overall benefits of the massage.

  1. Varying Sensitivity — Massage Pressure

The pressure applied in a massage should be adjusted to a level that feels comfortable. Modulate the pressure according to the varying levels of sensitivity on parts of your face.

The delicate skin around the eyes requires less pressure than other parts of the face. Feel free to apply more pressure to the cheeks and facial contours.

  1. Feel your Heartbeat — Massage Speed

Get the best blood circulation benefits by adjusting the speed of your massage to your heart rate. Get in sync with your pulse.

Times to Avoid Massage

Avoid face massages under the following conditions:

  • When your skin is inflamed after extensive UV exposure
  • Don’t massage parts of the skin with acne or boils, especially when inflamed or suppurating.
  • When you have a fever
  • When you a skin rash
  • Avoid massaging areas with cuts, wounds, or bruises.

Performing the Face Massage

1.   Use the Rejuvenating Face Mask


Apply a thick layer of the Rejuvenating Face Mask over face and neck taking care to avoid getting product into the eye area. The mask facilitates free-form motion and prevents unwanted skin rubbing.

2. Massage Schedule


If skin is severely dry and tired, then you may massage skin daily for up to 7 days. However we recommend this treatment up to three times weekly. However, the frequency of your facial massage should agree with your skin’s condition.


Basic Self-Facial Massage Step-By-Step

This basic massage is simple and easy to master. Massage smoothly with gentle motions and thoroughly work your way from the forehead down to the bottom of the neck.



Cleanse the face, gently towel off any water remaining on the skin. Apply a walnut-sized amount of Rejuvenating Face Mask  (about 3 g or 2.5 cm in diameter), over the face and neck area avoiding the eyes. Do not massage it onto the face.

Massage Steps

Organic Apoteke Self-Love Facial Massage

Starting at the forehead and working down the face – follow the direction of the arrows on the above image. Repeat each massage stroked over each area at least 3 times.

 Benefits of the Self-Love Face Massage

The benefits of the self-love face massage technique are endless. You get a natural skin lift with reduced puffiness, toned facial muscles, better blood flow & healthier blood vessels.

Around thirty muscles are linked together beneath the skin of the face and head.

Muscle stress caused by expansions and contractions of everyday actions like eating, smiling, or frowning can zap your energy and lead to an accumulation of toxins.

This massage technique revitalises the muscles and stimulates lymphatics to drain away all toxins. The Rejuvenating Face Mask infuses your skin with nutrients to improve skin health and complexion.