Ayurvedic massage – all you need to know

The UK is full of great Ayurvedic experiences, from the Ayurveda skincare solutions accessible right here to the Ayurvedic retreats and spas found up and down the country.

Those looking to indulge themselves in the New Year should certainly add Ayurvedic massage to their schedule, a treatment that can be used regularly to boost your health and wellbeing no-end.

Ayurvedic massage has long been used to complement the lifestyle changes recommended in Ayurvedic medicine.

Massage not only works well with an Ayurvedic diet, exercise regime and skincare routine but unlocks its own amazing benefits.

Read on to discover all you need to know about Ayurvedic massage, and how indulging yourself every once in a while is certain to enhance your everyday life.

What is Ayurvedic massage?

Ayurvedic medicine has long been hailed the secret to great health and happiness, with its roots traced back thousands of years.

In the modern day, Ayurveda is more popular than ever. Its age-old principles are still giving individuals the guidance, support, and tools they need to live life in tune with their body, mind and soul.

By taking a holistic approach to your physical and mental health as recommended in Ayurvedic medicine you can bring balance to your life and discover inner peace.

Alongside switching to a more natural diet and embracing gentle but effective exercise like yoga, indulging in Ayurvedic massage can help you understand and nourish your dosha or Ayurveda body type.

Ayurvedic massage uses synchronised, often four-handed, techniques to unlock a long list of benefits as well as complete relaxation.

How does it differ from other massage techniques?

Ayurvedic massage couldn’t be more different than your run-of-the-mill aromatherapy, Thai or Swedish massages.

In addition to using four hands instead of two, Ayurvedic organic oils and herbs are called upon to intensify that feeling of relaxation and detoxification.

Oils are selected in accordance with your dosha, with Vata, Pitta, and Kapha body types enjoying different concoctions and realising unique benefits.

The massage itself uses the chakras (or body’s energy lines) to dictate movements, instead of your physiology. The movements themselves will feel much different, with squeezing, kneading, and tapping used alongside traditional massage strokes. Ayurvedic massages can also last up to three hours to provide the ultimate spa treatment.

Which type of Ayurvedic massage should I go for?

There are many types of Ayurvedic massage to indulge in, including Abhyanga, Vishesh, Pizzichilli, Udvartana, Garshan, Svedana, and Marma Therapy. Your course of treatment should be determined by your dosha type – find your dosha type here.

Shirodhara is perhaps the most iconic Ayurvedic massage treatment and is suitable for all doshas. We’ll let Healthline explain more about what’s involved:

“Shirodhara comes from the two Sanskrit words “shiro” (head) and “dhara” (flow). It’s an Ayurvedic healing technique that involves having someone pour liquid — usually oil, milk, buttermilk, or water — onto your forehead. It’s often combined with a body, scalp, or head massage. Ayurveda is a holistic health approach that originated in India thousands of years ago. It focuses on rebalancing the life forces, called doshas, within your body.”

Is Ayurvedic massage right for me?

As with leading an Ayurveda-influenced lifestyle, indulging in an Ayurvedic massage (or two) from time to time helps to harness several advantages.

Ayurvedic massage provides a great detox for your body and mind, cleansing and realigning your dosha, improving body awareness, and clearing energy channels for a better, more balanced you.

Massage techniques can also have a huge impact on immunity, with Ayurveda leaving your body in peak condition to ward off illnesses, relieve symptoms, and aid faster recovery.

Those with existing health problems will find great relief courtesy of Ayurvedic massage too, whilst healthy individuals will enjoy its rejuvenating and soothing effects. Ayurvedic massage is a great alternative to sports massage. Many types of Ayurvedic massage provide vital relief for muscle stiffness and tension.

Whether you’re looking to feel healthier, find relief for specific health complaints, or discover inner peace and balance, Ayurvedic massage is a treatment well worth exploring.