The Ayurveda treatments everyone should try

Ayurveda has long been used to connect the body, mind and soul. The result is a long list of plus-points, including a calmer body and mind, better heart health, an enhanced immune system, and improved weight loss.

Embracing the key principles of Ayurveda in your everyday life is easier than most think. Everything from your diet and exercise regime to your skin and hair care can be influenced by Ayurvedic medicine to guarantee better balance at every life stage.

Along with simple lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic products and practices can be called upon to ensure you work in perfect harmony. Those looking to indulge themselves further can also use the following highly recommended Ayurveda treatments.

For total relaxation

Massage plays an essential role in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s been used throughout the history of Ayurveda, and during that time an extensive selection of Ayurvedic massage techniques have been developed.

Each massage technique – from the full head and body Abhyanga to the acupressure-type Marma therapy – not only helps you find complete relaxation but harnesses its own benefits.

An Ayurvedic massage targets certain areas to unlock particular advantages, but how does it differ from your usual massage? As Chopra explains it’s all about the oils…

“During an Ayurvedic massage, organic oil blends are infused with Ayurvedic herbs and heated to promote relaxation and detoxification. The oils are chosen to balance a person’s dominant dosha.

At the right temperature, these oils enter the body through the skin and pores, bind to the ama (toxins), and are released to detoxify the body.”

Ayurvedic massage also uses your Ayurvedic body type and your body’s energy centres or chakras to distinguish itself from regular massages, like the popular Swedish massage. Specific movements are used too, with synchronised four-handed massages that often last for three hours the go-to.

For a gentle yet deep full body experience

To achieve complete relaxation from head to toe, our Marma Vata Body Massage Ritual is the perfect Ayurveda treatment for Vata dosha types.

The treatment is centred around a gentle and warming but deep marma massage, and uses specially selected oils to suit your particular dosha. Its relaxing, lengthening and toning effect gives you all you need to find an inner haven far away from life’s little and big dramas.

We also provide a Marma Pitta Body Massage Ritual and Marma Kapha Body Massage Ritual.

For great eye health

Netra Tarpana treatment focuses on one of the most used sensory organs the body has – the eyes. The treatment is certain to be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Therapists construct a black gram flour ring to encase the eyes before pouring warm, medicated ghee in the ‘eye bath’ to treat the entire region.

The treatment lasts for 20 to 40 minutes, yet is thought to unlock several great benefits for eye health, including treatment for Vata and Pitta eye conditions, eye inflammation, myopia, and ulcers. Netra Tarpana provides vital relief for burning, dry, stiff and painful eyes too.

Our Dristi Bright Eyes Intensive Treatment offers another way to revitalise and soothe your delicate eye area. Using plant extracts, oils and marma massage, dark rings are lightened, the complexion improved, the skin deeply nourished, and the eye area visibly lifted.

For complete dermal rejuvenation

Your skin needs a little intensive TLC from time to time, and Ayurveda treatments don’t get much more thorough than our Dermal Renewal Facial.

It’s a gentle yet deep skin resurfacing treatment that uses a combination of lymphatic massage and nature’s most powerful and effective ingredients to revive and renew skin cells. The use of fruit extracts and enzymes makes the Dermal Renewal Facial a safer alternative to microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

As well as revealing healthier skin, the utterly indulgent 45-minute facial actively reduces acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and visual signs of ageing.

For seasonal colds and flu

In the UK, we have a mentality of putting up with seasonal nasties like colds and flu. However, with the Nasya treatment you can discover instant relief and remedy troublesome symptoms like excess mucus and blocked sinuses.

Nasya uses head massage, hot towels and herbal nasal drops to provide a relaxing and relieving therapy that’s perfect at this time of year.

For back and chest pain

When you reach a certain age, back and chest pain become common daily occurrences. But thanks to Ayurvedic treatments like Kati Basti and Hrud Basti you can alleviate stress and pain felt in these problem areas.

Using a combination of warm sesame oil, massage and hot towels, these treatments have even been linked to reduced swelling, improved heart health, and effective sciatica relief.

For better digestive health

Maintaining good digestion isn’t just achieved through diet and exercise. Ayurvedic therapies like Niruha Basti and Anuvasan Basti provide helpful boosts to the digestive system.

Both treatments use enema-type therapy to improve digestive health. Niruha Basti concentrates on the cleansing of the digestive tract with warm sesame oil, ghee, honey, salt, and herbs administered. Anuvasan Basti uses just sesame oil to nurture and support the health of your colon.

For a good night’s sleep

Good quality sleep is one thing that eludes many of us, particularly as stresses mount in our day-to-day lives. But Ayurveda has a treatment for that too!

Shirodhara uses Ayurvedic oils that are gently dripped or poured onto the forehead. The effect is better quality sleep, relief from insomnia, and a less anxious and stressful you.

Embrace Ayurveda at home

You don’t have to travel too far to indulge in a fantastic, wellbeing enhancing Ayurvedic treatment.

Thanks to our range of all-natural, spiritually inspired and scientifically proven skincare solutions you can unlock all the benefits of Ayurveda in your own home.

You can even shop our skincare range with your Ayurveda body type in mind. Not sure which Ayurveda body type you are? Take our dosha quiz to find out.