5 ways to feel body confident for 2021

Body confidence is more than just feeling comfortable in your skin. Your body and mind deserve to be loved wholeheartedly, yet for the many people who suffer from dwindling self-esteem, body confidence can prove rather elusive.

Low body confidence and self-esteem can affect us in varying ways. It can cause us to eat unhealthily, skip regular exercise, be more easily influenced, and put us at higher risk of developing depression and other mental health issues.

Body confidence is so important that promoting it has become commonplace in schools around the world.

How we talk about appearance plus the influence of the media and celebrity culture have also become hot topics when establishing the body positivity that’s vital to all age groups.

Being body confident no doubt means different things to different people, but one thing everyone has to recognise is that real beauty comes from within.

Read on to discover five steps to better body confidence for 2021 and beyond.

1. Learn to be by yourself

There’s nothing more powerful than some alone time. As body confidence comes from within, time and space with yourself is an activity that should be undertaken regularly.

Whether you choose to spend that time enjoying a peaceful run in nature or indulging in deeply restorative meditation – being fully present is the key.

Put your phone on silent, turn off the TV or radio, and get rid of distractions to explore how you’re feeling and why.

2. Use meditation to develop from within

As confidence is a state of mind, giving yourself the time to discover your inner strength and bring balance to your mind should be a primary focus. Meditation is a great way to do just that.

As well as giving you some much-needed time to yourself, mindfulness-based exercises like meditation help to control negative emotions and up your self-belief, and this will have a hugely positive impact on body confidence.

Meditation cultivates self-love and self-compassion to ensure inner peace and positivity are priorities. It also has a direct impact on the brain so there’s a science behind why regular meditation breeds better body confidence. We’ll let The Daily Meditation explain more:

“Brain imaging studies show that positive thinking and confidence activate the “Value Areas” of the brain, such as the prefrontal cortex and striatum.

Confidence stimulates the pleasure and reward parts of the brain (mesolimbic dopamine pathway, which connects the ventral tegmental area). And meditation does a similar thing.”

3. Take care of you

Self-care is the term on everybody’s lips, especially as life is thrown into chaos once again due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Self-care and self-love go hand-in-hand, so looking after your wellbeing will work wonders for your confidence levels.

Finding a caring routine that works for you is vital for success, after all, if it doesn’t compliment your needs, goals and lifestyle, why would you bother?

Determining your Ayurvedic body type or dosha should therefore be your first port of call. Defining your dosha will help you establish the lifestyle habits that will stand you in good stead not just during this uncertain time but long after lockdown.

Your dosha offers a snapshot of your physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Armed with your body type, you can do your best to balance it and take care of you appropriately.

Your dosha can influence what and how you eat, your daily routine, your workout regime, how you look after your skin, and even how much time you spend on those devices.

Find your dosha by taking our body type quiz and make the changes that’ll reveal a confident, more balanced you.

4. Become more proactive

Low self-esteem can impact every area of life, with negative energies even having the power to stop us from doing the things we love.

By changing your perspective and being more proactive, you can become more body confident to shift your focus to ‘doing’.

Change your inner conversation to celebrate the things you previously thought about in a negative light.

Compliment yourself regularly to rejoice the little and big wins, and see your body and mind as things that should be appreciated.

5. Treat your body to daily rewards

Your body deserves the very best, so there’s no harm indulging it. An Ayurvedic skincare routine goes beyond the one-off spa treatments to make luxurious, all-natural self-care a daily occurrence.

By rewarding your body on a daily basis, you’re giving it the love it deserves and reconnecting with the outside, and this can have deeply nourishing effects.

Those daily rituals will have a lasting and almost instantaneous impact on your body confidence levels, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful.

Give your body the daily treats it deserves by exploring our conscious skincare solutions.